Friends of NLO is an informal network of interested policymakers and health stakeholders to explore policy solutions for designing inclusive health systems, support community input to policy development and discuss best practices to improve healthcare access for marginalised communities.

The Friends of NLO will be regularly informed about NLO`s activities, invited to events and receive NLO`s material such as the newsletter, open letters and recommendations. They further have the opportunity to reach out to NLO as a knowledge partner and expert on access to health and social care. When interested in including the point of view and the expertise of marginalised communities in health policy and advocacy work, the NLO secretariat will facilitate feedback and input from community representatives.

Members of Friends of NLO can be individuals such as policymakers, Brussels health stakeholders, patient representatives, industry representations, healthcare professionals, medical societies, representatives from marginalised communities, healthcare students, researchers, everyone interested in increasing access to healthcare for marginalised groups and creating inclusive health and social policies.

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