The Checklist aims to help service providers, monitoring and evaluation experts, policymakers and community representatives to collaboratively design and deliver health and support services that are accessible to underserved, marginalised people. We encourage health service policymakers, public health bodies, healthcare practitioner bodies and NGOs at all levels to use the Checklist when developing, updating or monitoring national or regional action plans for target groups. It may also assist
healthcare authorities, service managers, and frontline professionals and peer-support workers in the design, refinement or assessment of local services. The Checklist may also help civil society organisations to engage in service design and action plan formulation, and in wider advocacy efforts to improve equitable access to health and support services.

The NLO Service Design Checklist is intended for use by:

• Service providers and policymakers, to design and deliver targeted health and social services that are accessible to people in these marginalised, underserved communities
• Representatives of these communities (e.g. civil society organisations) to help them advocate for improved access to health and social care services.

The NLO Guidance document aims to help all parties to use the Checklist. It explains its structure, expands on some of its questions, and provides links to further resources.