We are delighted to announce that NLO in Conversation film is now available on our website.

NLO in Conversation is a textual, atmospheric film that reflects the feeling of isolation experienced by everyone during the pandemic but at the same time shows the ever-present sense of isolation for those in marginalised communities. The film consists of the experiences of NLO members, their members or spokespeople nominated by them. They talk passionately and accurately about the experience of their community during the pandemic and the revelatory understanding gleaned from this experience. The film is curated by videographer Alan Compton.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown with all urgency that existing inequalities amplify in times of crisis. The people interviewed for the film offer their experience and knowledge to help us learn from the pandemic and create more equitable, more resilient healthcare systems where nobody is left outside. 

The film aims to give policymakers, EU stakeholders and other interested parties a deeper understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted accessing health and social care for marginalised communities. It further gives examples of good practices and community engagement.