The Nobody Left Outside initiative is a stakeholder network under the Health Policy Platform of the European Commission.

As a collective of organisations representing some of Europe’s most underserved communities, including homeless people, LGTBI, people who use drugs, prisoners, sex workers and undocumented migrants, the NLO is excited to use this opportunity to expand our network, share good practice and achieve greater reach amongst those who can join us to make a difference.

In 2019, the NLO initiative was chosen as a Thematic Network and organised a series of webinars, in which it presented the NLO Service Design Checklist and the Thematic Network Joint Statement.

The NLO Thematic Network Joint Statement delivers guidance on critical issues including: user-centric, integrated and community-based service design and delivery models, workforce education and training, effective leadership and governance, and data collection. The Joint Statement is open for endorsement by civil society organisations so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if your organisation would like to show its support.

If you wish to participate in the NLO stakeholder network, please register at the Health Policy Platform.

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