The Nobody Left Outside (NLO) initiative is a collective of organisations representing people in some of the most marginalised communities in Europe, who are underserved with respect to healthcare. These communities include homeless people, LGTBI people, people who use drugs, prisoners, sex workers and undocumented migrants.

People in these communities are at a significantly higher risk of poor health than the general population and are often in highly vulnerable situations. At the same time, they face significant challenges in accessing healthcare owing to a complex range of barriers, coupled with discrimination and stigma. As a result, many people most at need of healthcare are among the least likely to receive it. In effect, they are left outside healthcare systems.

The NLO initiative provides a European-level platform for organisations to collaborate to identify shared challenges, exchange lessons and good practice, seek innovative solutions, and speak with a unified voice to offer guidance to improve healthcare access for the communities of people they represent – on the basis that nobody should be left outside.


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